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    over a year ago
  • The Grooms


    Step 2 – Find an Officiant: Completed!

    One of the wonderful things about having a gay wedding is that you do not have to abide by the same rules as heterosexual couples which is great because in many states (and countries) gay marriage is not legal – yet.

    As you know, Tom and I are having a ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Currently, gay marriage is not legal there. We were offered a minister to preside over our union there however, we politely declined. One thing Tom and I were dead certain about was that we did not want this to be about religion; afterall, marriage is a civil right (We plan to go to City Hall in CT to make it legal).

    So, excitedly we thought and thought about who we would like to have preside over our Mexican ceremony.  Who did we choose? Well Mr. James Jackson Jr. Scroll below for his blog/bio.

    The Bridegroom


    I couldn’t decide how to write a “How did I meet Brian & Tom” essay.  It seemed a bit daunting at first.  Dauntless, like Lee, somehow I pressed on.

    I was born a poor (emotionally) Negro child in the hills of Southeastern Massachusetts on October 13th, 1975.  It was in these hills…

    Ok, that’s too much blackstory.

    How or when did I meet Brian and Tom is too much of a question to answer.  I remember events.  I remember endless game nights.  I remember Christmas tree ornaments.  I remember learning the definition of brunch.  I remember opening nights and “Cake” that was almost too laughable to eat.  I remember learning that when two people make so much sense together, there really is no need to put a stamp or date on the minute their union entered your path.

    The honor that Brian and Tom have bestowed upon me (and yes, I just said “bestowed”, by the way) is almost more than I can handle.  It could be said that I have discovered my ultimate pleasure.  What I pray for myself…. What I pray for all of us… The way I dream this story could end, is to have the simplicity, the pleasure, and the celebration to find someone that both completes and compliments me the way that I’ve so enviously watched these two for the years I have known them.

    I have never had the opportunity to officiate any ceremony.  Subsequently, I’ve never had the opportunity to not break down crying at any wedding.  In the coming months, I am determined to find a way to deliver the perfect address for the state of this perfect union, whilst locating the perfect water-proof mascara for the finish touch of my make-up plot.

    And don’t worry, each of you will be kept abreast (I said “abreast”) of every step along the way of my research.

    Here’s to love!!!  And here’s to those same hills of Southeastern Massachusetts.  They are alive with the sound of Mexico.

    The Officiant

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