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    over a year ago
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    The Optional Tours Review/Recap: Pirate Cruise

    The week in Mexico, Tom and I included some optional events, as you recall from one of the itineraries I created. The idea behind this was to give us something to do as a group so that we could all hang out and learn about PV and just have fun. It is also a great way for my friends and family to meet Tom’s and, in essence,  merge as one so to speak.

    By doing this, we managed to make our wedding last more than just a day – it was a week, filled with many, many amazing moments and memories we will share for a lifetime.

    The first optional activity was a themed dinner cruise called the Pirates of the Bay, one of the most popular tours in Puerto Vallarta. This was an adult-oriented tour which featured an authentic pirate show from beginning to end. Pirates swung from the crows nest, sang and danced during their pirate songs, took prisoners and got Roseanne really drunk. It is an evening cruise so you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset! You are also served dinner ( your choice of chicken, steak or fish) but to be honest you are not there for the food. If you are, be prepared to be extremely disappointed.

    One of the best part of the night is the pirate battle with actual fireworks! But during that segment the boat is anchored so beware – you may get a little sea sick (Many of us got nauseus and couldn’t shake that “on-the-boat” feeling for a couple days). Still, it was a wonderful time. There was also a mexican fire sacrifice to performed by a small tribe which didn’t really go with the theme and was quite long, but educational nonetheless.

    Price: $71.00 USD per person/ 5 hour duration

    Anne had purchased bandanas for the members of the wedding party and brought them to PV. They really came in handy the entire week we were there. We debuted them on this cruise. Anyway, here are so snapshots of the cruise.

    The Bridegroom

    Kristina nabs a quick photo with the plastic pirate outside the gift shop before we board the boat.

    GROUP SHOT! Brian, Kristina, Cristie, Tommy, Anne, Roseanne, Dara Our Pirate Danny and Fontana get ready for an adventure!

    Fontana and Brian: Two pirates, ready to cruise the seas.

    Tommy is scared of Pirates

    Roseanne ain’t scared of no pirates! Not even this one, named Spider

    Cristie and Dara laughing – but at what?

    Perhaps they were laughing at Vinnie! Vinnie – what are you doing to Roseanne??

    Party time!!!

    Anne and Tommy enjoy the sunset.


    Comment from Roseanne
    Time November 8, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    I was drunk before we left port, people! But it was all worth it for Fontana….FYI…looking at some of the pictures I was in, no memory what so ever.

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