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    over a year ago
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    The Optional Tours Review/Recap: Snorkeling at Los Arcos

    Our third and most popular tour was the snorkeling tour. This was a really wonderful activity to do as a group because everyone could do it and almost everyone wanted to do it. The  tour we chose was through Chico’s Dive Shop. It was kind of the perfect tour because it lasted from 10-3 (although let let us stay a bit later) and cost only $25.00 USD per person. A steal, right?

    We were set to snorkel at Los Arcos, a little chain of rocks out in the middle of the ocean known as a great site for both experienced a well as beginner snorkelers. On Chico’s website, they state that “One can spend hours gliding above the shallow coral reef and rock bottom.” This was true – just ask Anne or me – we never left the water. Ever.

    In case you did not know, Los Arcos is an underwater national marine park reserve that is protected by the Mexican Government. Therefore, it is illegal to remove any of the marine life from the bottom of the ocean or fish in that area. All of that tropical life is there for our enjoyment. And did we see tropical fish!!! We saw schools and schools of fish in all shapes and colors! My favorite were these bright blue fish with these tiny cobalt spots lining their backs. We even saw a swordfish-like thing that was very menacing-looking.

    I had been snorkeling before but in the past I had NEVER seen the amount of tropical fish that I had on this trip. Why? Chico’s website states “the reef depth range is from 3-30 feet and the surface of the water is rarely choppy; therefore, one can expect respectable visibility between 15-50 feet year round.” It was awesome.

    If you are thinking about a snorkeling tour – go to Los Arcos! Wanna cheap, shorter one? I highly recommend Cico’s Dive Shop. Word to the wise though – bring some food with you. All of that swimming makes one hungry and even though they give you a soda and a ham and cheese sandwich, you will want more to eat.

    We loved this tour as you can see below. Everyone had such a good time!

    Captain Bullers!

    Brian, Tom Dara, Roseanne and Papa P enjoy the Boat Ride

    Anne gets a special mask!

    Los Arcos…. Looks like the Goonies, huh?

    Kristina gives us a smile in her snorkle gear.

    Bullers and Paul, swimming with the fishies.

    A floating Dara fish!

    The Bridegroom


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    Time December 7, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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