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    over a year ago
  • The Grooms


    Recap: Our “Welcome to Mexico Party”

    It has been some time since I did a little recap. So, I thought it would be nice to continue with the week in Mexico right about now. As you know, some of the guests we had at the wedding chose to partake in our optional activities like the Pirate Cruise, the Canopy tour and snorkeling. However, knowing that not everyone would want to participate, Tom and I wanted to have a get together where everyone was included. And what better way to do that than to throw a party?! So we found this cool little place with an amazing garden and threw a “Welcome to Mexico Party.”

    The bar was called O’Rourkes Pub located in the middle of the downtown romantica  zone. Everyone was told to arrive at 7pm for a little open bar/appetizer event thrown by the grooms. And for the price it was a steal. It was a very funny evening though. How? Well for starters, when I had made the plans with the owner, Eduardo, I had told him that for the appetizers I preferred if he could do american cuisine. You know, the type you’d find at a pub, like chicken fingers, wings, mozzarella sticks, and the like. I also requested guacamole (which can be found at many a NYC pub as well). We had figured that everyone might like something like that since we will have all been eating Mexcan for days by then. So, imagine my shock when he served us bruscetta full of garlic, mouse (really hummus but our waiter said it was mouse – lol) and mashed potatoes. That’s right, I said mashed potatoes. In 94 degree weather. MASHED POTATOES. It was HYSTERICAL! And delicious, I ain’t gonna lie. Then the night got funnier as I broke out Vinnie on a stick. Everyone had their way with him. It was a riot.

    It was ridiculously hot. It was ridiculously fantastic too. How could it not have been when we had our family and friends celebrating just being together in Mexico. Oh yeah – and we were getting married in two days.

    The absolute best part of the entire night was the gift given to us by Tom’s uncle, Uncle Ralph though. Uncle Ralph is a romantic. Old school. He told Tom and I that what he wanted to give us a gift of mariachi becuase he thought there was nothing more romantic than being serenaded.. But he didn’t just want any mariachi band to do it, no. He wanted the best he could find. He told us that he was going out to look for them in the middle of Puerto Vallarta and that when he came back he expected us to sit there together and let them serenade us. We promised.

    After about bit he retunred with a mariachi as promised. Another tidbit you should know – Uncle Ralph had torn his meniscus prior to flying to PV. Knowing he would not have been able to fly to PV had he had surgery (which he needed, however apparently once you have the surgery you are highly prone to blood clots) he endured the pain just to be there for his nephew. Then to top it off, the man walked all over that town of cobblestone streets to find the perfect gift for his nephew. Boy did he! These guys were amazing! Their name: Los Bambinos.

    They were phenomenal and honestly, they MADE the party. Everyone danced and sang and cried and laughed and had a gay old time. Then, a hat went around collecting more money so they would stay and sing us a few more songs. Here is a video I captured of them singing a song. The video is dark but you can turn up the speakers to hear  how great they were.

    The party was wonderful. If you plan to have a destination wedding, I strongly suggest that you throw a get together for everyone. We threw two – this party and the rehearsal dinner (I’ll blog about that soon). But I cannot express the amount of fun we had, despite the heat and the awkward food.

    Oh how I miss Puerto Vallarta.

    The Bridegroom

    My sister and I hanging out by the window.

    Tom and Anne greeting people upon arrival.

    Mmmmm an American classic: Mashed Potatoes. LOL

    Stephen, Dara and I hang out on the couch.

    Brian and Tom are serenaded by Los Bambinos

    Uncle Ralph with the Grooms

    Tom and Brian dance.

    The boys.

    Once more with the mariachi!


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    Time December 7, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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