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    over a year ago
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    Tag: Accessories

    Wedding Day Recap: Our Beach Wedding Ceremony at Las Caletas

    After our guests made the journey to Las Caletas, signed the guestbook, and grabbed a drink, they were escorted to the beach for the ceremony. Susan took her place ready to officiate the ceremony and the music changed, signaling the beginning of the ceremony. The song that began the ceremony was “The Best is Yet […]

    Black, White & Mexico

    With one swift click of the mouse, the parosols are ordered! After months and months of stressing over the accent color for the wedding… a decision has been made. We’re going to be in Mexico, right? In Mexico, there are lots of bright colors, right? And since our bridesmaids are all in different black and […]

    Flower Alternatives: Parasols

    Flowers. Flowers are pretty. Flowers are also very expensive! For most weddings, flowers take up anywhere from 8-12% of the overall wedding budget. I don’t know about you but that is a lot of money. Tom and I decided a long time ago on our list of priorities for our wedding and flowers were not […]