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    over a year ago
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    Tag: Clothing

    The Wedding Party: Accent Colors Unveiled!

    As you know, we picked an array of accent colors rather than one. With the arrival of the parasols and the purchasing of the sashes from Mood Fabrics, I am excited to reveal the colors we have chosen for the wedding party!  Just as a reminder, the bridesmaids will be wearing black and white pattern dresses of […]

    Confirmed: CT Civil Ceremony Clothing Choices (aka C6)

    Yesterday Tom and I went to The Men’s Warehouse hunting for ties. Recently we bought suits there and received a $100.00 gift certificate in the mail and we thought it would be fun to use it on new ties for the civil ceremony. After a bit of shopping around and deciding who would be the […]

    Black, White & Mexico

    With one swift click of the mouse, the parosols are ordered! After months and months of stressing over the accent color for the wedding… a decision has been made. We’re going to be in Mexico, right? In Mexico, there are lots of bright colors, right? And since our bridesmaids are all in different black and […]

    Flower Alternatives: Parasols

    Flowers. Flowers are pretty. Flowers are also very expensive! For most weddings, flowers take up anywhere from 8-12% of the overall wedding budget. I don’t know about you but that is a lot of money. Tom and I decided a long time ago on our list of priorities for our wedding and flowers were not […]