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    over a year ago
  • The Grooms


    Tag: LGBT Issues

    Gay Marriage: People Can Amaze You

    It’s hard to believe that gay marriage is not legal in this country. On September 7th, as Tom and I made our way to City Hall, people along the way congratulated us. One man shook Tom’s hand and said that he “looked great today” and wished him a “happy life” with me. A woman with her […]

    The Price of Getting Married in CT

    New Haven Marriage License: $30.00 Justice of the Peace: $30.00 2 Official copies of Marriage license: $40.00 Legal Gay Marriage: Priceless. Brian The Bridegroom

    Quote of the Week: Brian & Tom

    This week’s quote of the week comes from Tom and me. Today, we went to City Hall in New Haven, CT and were legally married. It’s a simple quote really, one that has been spoken by heterosexual couples for years. Today it was said aloud by two proud gay men who love each other very […]

    Quote of the Week: Kevin Siers

    This week’s quote of the week is a bit different. I am feeling somewhat political today and happened to come across this cartoon. I thought it was great. So, I give you this week’s quote-cartoon from The Charlotte Observer in 2003 by artist Kevin Siers. Brian The Bridegroom