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    over a year ago
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    Wedding Day Recap: Our Unconventional Guest Book

    After our friends and family made the voyage to Las Caletas, they ventured along the rocky path towards the ceremony site. Once they arrived, and before they grabbed a welcome drink at the bar, each person was met by the lovely Susan Varon who was officiating our ceremony. I had asked Susan if she would […]

    Update: Things To Do For The Wedding

    At the 55 day mark, I listed 55 things I needed to complete. Well, that was about 23 days ago. I thought it might be fun now to list the number of things left to complete from that original list. I am also curious to see how much I was able to accomplish in that […]

    Wedding Week Itineraries: Completed!!!

    This week I was able to accomplish a very big and important task. That task was the wedding itineraries for the week in Mexico. I created two separate itineraries. The first is of optional activities for guests who plan to be there longer than the weekend. They include a pirate ship tour, a canopy tour, […]

    Destination Wedding Planning: Tours, Parties and Rehearsal Dinners – Oh My!

    When it comes to a destination wedding, there is more to plan than just the wedding day. Even though most people think its easier to have a destination wedding because a lot of the hands-on stuff is taken care of by others, the tasks themselves are enhanced because typically people stay longer than a weekend […]